• transbottle-one

    Transbottle One

    Transport sécurisé, isotherme, élégant et pratique d'une bouteille

  • Transbottle 3 bouteilles

    Transbottle 3

    Convenient, lightweight and insulated to carry or store 3 bottles

  • Transbottle 6 bouteilles

    Transbottle 6

    A case with handle for 6 bottles and different storage

  • My entire sales team is equipped, nobody would want to work without Transbottle
    Jean-Michel QUIE, Rauzan-Gassies, second cru Margaux www.rauzangassies.fr
  • Ideal for tasting the wines, they are always at the right temperature and I no longer need my cooler!
    Romain TAUPENOT, Taupenot Merme domain owner
  • Easy transportation ... no fear for the bottles in the hold of an aircraft
    Edouard COINTREAU www.cookbookfair.com
  • Transporting bottles is no longer a chore with Transbottle
    Nicolas DESPAGNE, owner of White House Mountain www.despagne-rapin.com
  • it's better with tranbottle than suitcases or carrying cartons, right?
    Bernard JULIEN,propriétaire du Château de Mus & Domaine de Bachellery, Vins du Pays d’Oc. www.chateau-mus.com
  • I do not go anywhere without Transbottle, I know my bottles are safe from all dangers
    Michel Jack CHASSEUIL, owner of the most beautiful cave in the world. www.chateau-mus.com
  • ... Very safe for bottles
    Régine ZIMMER, Maison Zimmer, www.riquewihr-zimmer.com
  • I send my great wines by courier. Transbottle allows me to do so without any concern.
    Lionel MICHELIN , De Vinis Illustribus www.devinis.fr
  • When I buy bottles in duty free at the airport, I place in Transbottle then in the baggage compartments of the aircraft. Perfect.
    Jean-Charles VICARD www.groupe-vicard.com